"Passion and Coffee" (One-hour TV romantic drama): Bryant, a jaded Black American journalist, and Amanda, a biracial American romance novelist, join forces to stop injustice and change the status quo for people of color while falling in love along the way.  

Click here to read an excerpt from "Passion and Coffee".

"Madison’s Mind" (Flash fiction): Madison, a bipolar Black female, wants to stop the world from stereotyping her because of her race and mental illness. Click here to read.


"Matters of the Heart" (One-hour TV drama, original premise): Four people from diverse backgrounds become friends, navigate life together and deal with matters of the heart such as breakthroughs, terminal illness and faith challenges. Click here to read.

"Anna's Story" (short story):  A young lady named Anna wants to change the world and make a difference with her writing by sharing her personal life experience. Click here to read.

"Not A Steak and Potatoes Man": A blog post written by a fictional character named Tyler who wants to win people over to the vegetarian lifestyle. Click here to read.

“Love Unexpected” features Chandra, a career-oriented woman who doesn’t have time for romance until she meets Sebastian who challenges her status as a single lady. Click here to read an excerpt from  "Love Unexpected" which is the first story in Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories